Akwa Ibom State Teachers Past Questions and Answers

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Free Akwa Ibom State Teachers Past Questions

  1. What does the eagle in the Nigerian coat of arm represent?

a. Strength

b. Power

c. Progress

d. Peace

2. Which of these constitution recognized local government as the third tier of government
a. The 1946 Constitution
b. The 1960 constitution
c. The 1963 constitution
d. the 1979 constitution

3. Laws made by State government are known as
a. Edicts
b. Bye law
c. Acts
d. Decrease

4. The British took over Nigeria through
a. Negotiation
b. Bargaining
c. War
d. The Sea

5. Which of the following groups fall into the Civil Service?
A) The police, the army, and the air force
B) Employees of NEPA, NNPC and NRC
C) Employees of ministries of finance, education and transportation
D) All of the above

6. The Civil Service embraces all workers in:
A) All private corporations
B) Public and private companies
C) Government ministries
D) Public corporations

7. The effective operation of the Civil Service in Nigeria is mostly hampered by:
A) Inadequate training of personnel
B) Corruption and inefficiency
C) Debt burden and redundancy
D) Poor infrastructure

8. Anonymity of the Civil Service means that the Civil Servant must:
A) Serve any government impartially
B) Be politically neutral
C) Have job security
D) Not receive the credit or blame for any good or bad policy

9. To be entitled to pension in Nigeria, a staff must:
A) Work for 55 years
B) Work for at least 10 years consecutive years
C) Work for 65 years
D) Attain the age of seventy

10. To which class of the civil service does the casual or manual labour force belong:
A) The technical class
B) The casual class
C) The auxiliary class
D) The higher technical class

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