ANAN Professional Exam Past Questions Papers | Download Latest ANAN Past Questions PDF

ANAN Professional Exam Past Questions Papers | Download Latest ANAN Past Questions PDF

The ANAN Professional Exam Past Questions and answers are now available for download on this page. We have compiled ANAN conversion A past questions papers, ANAN Professional Examination A (PEA) and Professional Examination B (PEB) papst questions here for download. Are you a candidate who will be writing ANAN resit examination for the Conversion ‘A’ conversion stage? If yes, then you arrived at the best place to get ANAN professional examination past questions and answers.

This page has relevant information about:

  • ANAN Conversion ‘A’ past questions. (Resit Exam)

ANAN Professional Exam Past Questions Papers | ANAN Past Questions 

ANAN examination are written in two categories which are

  • College examination (PEB & PEA)
  • Resit examination (Conversion ‘A’)

We have past questions for all the stages of ANAN professional exam on this page.

All papers in each diet of the examination are written in their sequential order, two papers per examination day. For example PEA I is written in the morning of day one and PEA II in the afternoon of day one. All six papers of a stream are written within three days. Similarly PEB I will take place in the morning of day one and PEB II in the afternoon, day one and all six PEB papers are written within three days. The same also apply to all Conversion class examinations.


Resit Examinations A candidate who is unable to pass all the six PEA/four Conversion A papers shall have the opportunity to re-sit the paper(s) failed during the re-sit examinations in March of the year he/she wrote the PEA examinations. A candidate unable to pass all the six PEB/Conversion B papers shall have chance to re-sit the paper or papers he/she failed during the PEB re-sit examination, in July of the year he/she wrote the PEB examination. 50% is the pass mark. Candidates that fail in four (4) subjects or more will be required to rewrite all the six subjects.

The Examination Rules and Regulations prohibit a candidate from: (a) Taking into the examination hall or possessing, while in that hall, any books, notes or other materials whether relevant or not to the paper being written except those which are provided in the Examination Docket; (b) Aiding or attempting to aid another candidate or obtaining or attempting to obtain aid from another candidate or supervisor; (c) Sitting in a position other than where his/her registration/examination number falls. (d) Refusing to obey any instruction from the Examination supervisor; and (e) Giving information which is false or misleading in any material particular to the Examination Supervisor.

Any candidate who commits examination malpractice is handed over to the police who are stationed at every examination hall every day of every examination, and later tried also by the examination committee whose recommendations are passed to the Council for ratification.

ANAN PEB & PEA Past Questions Syllabus

  • Taxation
  • Historical Overview in Nigeria
  • Income Tax
  • Personal Income Tax
  • Company Income Tax
  • The general system of administration of Nigeria tax, including assessments, collection, appeals, penalties and repayment claims
  • Various classes of income
  • Basis of assessment
  • Computation of income
  • Tax liability of individuals, including non-residents
  • The treatment of business profits and losses in varying circumstances, relative to sole proprietors and partnerships
  • Claims for capital allowances
  • Back duty Assessment
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Administration of capital gains tax and computation of chargeable gains
  • Exemptions and reliefs, indexation allowance, quoted securities, Stocks and shares
  • Capital transactions of partnership and companies
  • Legatees and artificial transactions
  • Petroleum Profit Tax
  • Chargeable profit
  • Treatment of losses
  • Group and consolidated companies
  • Petroleum profit tax, taxation of income from abroad: double taxation Relief – Individuals, companies and overseas subsidiaries
  • Mergers, acquisitions and Takeover bids, Deferred Taxation
  • Valued Added Tax
  • Principles, Administration, Accounting and Penalties

Content on ANAN Past Questions Available on this Page

PEA Past Questions Content

  • Information Systems and Technology for Business
  • Finance and Financial Management
  • Entrepreneurial Development
  • Auditing and Assurance Services
  • Corporate Reporting
  • Environmental, oil and Gas Accounting
  • Professional Values and Ethics in Accounting
  • Basic French

PEB Past Questions Content

  • Advanced Corporate Reporting
  • Advanced Taxation
  • Corporate Law
  • Advanced Management Accounting
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Public Sector Accounting and Finance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Basic French II

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