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FCT School of Nursing Past Questions

The Abuja School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers is a compilation of past years entrance qualifying exams conducted by the FCT School of Nursing Gwagwalada, Abuja. We have put in very huge efforts to make provisions to these questions too, so you don’t have to panic when it comes to the correct answers. The subject combination for this entrance examination are all inclusive here.

Very limited sample questions have been extracted from the complete past questions and answers, and are given below.

1. Which of the following metals cannot replace hydrogen from water or steam?
(a) Sodium
(b) Magnesium
(c) Iron
(d) Calcium
(e) Copper.

2. The most common type of chemical reaction which alkanes undergone is
(a) Substitution
(b) Addition
(c) Condensation
(d) Polymerization
(e) Double decomposition.

3. By means of filtration, one component can be obtained pure from an aqueous mixture of sodium chloride and
(a) Potassium nitrate
(b) Sand
(c) Lead nitrat
(d) Glucose
(e) Starch

4. Which of the following substances are all made by the process polymerization?
(a) Nylon and soap
(b) Ethanoic acid, margarine and ethanol
(c) Nylon and artificial rubber
(d) Soap and butane
(e) Margarines and nylon

5. The oxidation state of manganese in potassium permanganate is
(a) +7
(b) +5
(c) +3
(d) +2
(e) +1

6. The empirical formula of an oxide of nitrogen containing 30.4% of nitrogen is (N= 14.0, O=16.0)

7. Chlorination of water for town supply is carried out to:
(a) Make the water colourless
(b) Remove germs from the water
(c) Make the water tasteful
(d) Remove odour from the water
(e) Make the water tasteless

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