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We have compiled TRCN past questions and answers for you on this page. Here you can download TRCN exam past questions and answers as the TRCN exam study pack are provided for your studies and preparation. Are you a candidates for the this year’s exam diet? If yes, then i presume you need a up to date TRCN exam study pack to use in preparation for the examination. On that note, i am please to inform you that an organized series of the TRCN past question papers have been compiled, and are available in PDF soft copies for download on this page.

TRCN exams is placed to evaluate and assess the eligibility of prospective candidates, aspiring to become a registered member of the Nigerian Teachers Council of Nigeria, as well as receive Teaching license to operate professionally.

This exam is a fundamental requirement for you if you must obtain license to operate as a professional teacher in the country Nigeria, as well as other countries of the world. It might not come as a surprise to discover that only a few number of registered candidates, pass the TRCN exams every year. This is because the exams is usually competitive and demanding. In a bid to make things easier, TRCN past questions and answers have been provided on this page for you, and every other candidate, this preparatory pack might interest to download or study.

Passing TRCN exams requires an extensive preparation because questions can come from many areas of focus. Nonetheless, students who has completed a PGDE degree has a considerable fair advantage. That however, does not mean the exams is very simple. Very few candidates pass the exam, compared to the number of candidates who applied for the exams.

Your success in the exams is very important because you wouldn’t want to repeat TRCN exams again. I hope by now you must have been family about TRCN exams date?.

On this page, you will be able to download TRCN past questions and answers. TRCN PQE past questions are available in PDF which can be downloaded through whatsapp or email. TRCN Professional Qualifying Exams past questions will be delivered to you once you make request for the complete PDF ebook.

TRCN Past Questions

As you read through, you will also be able to access free TRCN exam past questions and answers, provided as samples.  These questions will be displayed for you to read and save them if you which. The free questions are limited in number and you may need to download the complete exam questions which are over 500 questions in number. To get the complete question papers, follow the steps below.

How to Download TRCN Past Questions

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Free TRCN PQE Past Questions

1. The application of scientific knowledge in classrooms for learning refers to

A Learning Technology

B Instructional Technology

C Classroom Technology   

D Scientific Technology

2. Technology in Education refers to

A Application of equipment to improve education

B Application of education to improve technology

C Application of technology in instructions

D Application of theories and education rules to improve education

3. Which of the following is a major problem which hinders the implementation of education policies in Nigeria?

A Lack of data

B Lack of personnel

C Lack of political will

D Knowledge of the issue

4. The ego adopts the following defense mechanism to cushion the effects of anxiety generated by various aspects of personality EXCEPT

A Repression           

B Suppression

C Sublimation       

D Rationalization

4. Which of these is not a factor that hindered early introduction of Western Education in Northern Nigeria?

A Geographical      

B Political

C Religion    

D Ethnicity

5. The following methods are used for teaching the hearing impaired except

A Sign language      

B Finger spelling

C  Word processor  

D lip/speech reading

6. Distance learning can be classified as following except

A Correspondence education

B Independent education

C  Institutional broadcast

D Indirect education

7. Teaching method can be referred to as

A Teaching Professionalism

B Teaching Plan

C  Teaching Experience

D  Pedagogical Experience

8. Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria mandates exclude

A Conducting Teachers Professional

B Determining who is a teacher

C Registering, certifying and licensing teachers

D Teachers employment and promotion

9. In modern teaching and learning the teacher is

A a purveyor of knowledge

B director

C. facilitator

D controller

10. Types of counseling services can be as

A Vocational, personal and public

B Vocational, psychological and social

C Vocational, education and personal

D Religious Social and educational

Why You Need to Download and Study TRCN PQE Past Questions

The fact that many candidates apply for the same exams makes the stake high, because only candidates with good distinctions will be passed. Practicing with our preparatory pack will boost your cognitive abilities and also improve your performance during the examination. The need for this ebook cannot over emphasize. If you really want to succeed in TRCN Exams then, it is recommended of you to get yourself fully prepared.

Other Materials That will Help You Pass TRCN Exams

You can advance your studies with the help of general knowledge and current affairs. However, I will advise you get some NTI PGDE Past Questions and Study too. Most of the questions you will find on that day will be derived from the syllabus for National Teachers Institute [NTI] post graduate Diploma in Education [PGDE].

What to Expect in TRCN Exams

Do you want to know the area of focus for TRCN exams, and what to expect? If your answer is yes, then I have some tips for you below. The TRCN PQE past questions provided on this page contains the following courses from which the exams questions will be drawn. They are listed below.

  • Adult Education
  • Basic Mathematics
  • Child-Friendly School Theory & Practice
  • Classroom Management & School Organization
  • Comparative Education
  • Curriculum Studies
  • Educational Management
  • Educational Psychology
  • Educational Research Methods
  • Educational Statistics
  • Educational Technology
  • English Language and Communication Skills
  • Guidance and Counseling
  • History of Education
  • Measurement and Evaluation
  • Micro Teaching
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Sociology of Education
  • Special Education
  • Subject Methodology
  • Teacher Education
  • Teaching Profession
  • Use of Library

When you buy from our web store, you give yourself the chance to study past questions from the most reliable sources you can ever find online. We are please to inform you that the past question study pack for your preferred exam is very helpful and also relevant to the examination you are having at hand.

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